What Exactly is Arbor Day?


Caroline Bender

Original artwork by Caroline Bender

Caroline Bender, Writer

Not a lot of people know about Arbor Day, though it is very important to recognize. Arbor Day is for celebrating plants, planting and preserving trees. You may wonder how Arbor Day came to be. In 1872, On Jan.4, 1872, Morton Arboretum proposed a tree planting holiday to be called “Arbor Day.” The set celebration date was on April 10, 1872.
That day, the first Arbor Day ever, it is estimated that about one million trees were planted. Arbor also literally translates to “tree”. That means that Arbor Day really means “Tree Day”. It is very important to help celebrate Arbor Day because as you may know, we get our oxygen from trees and overall trees help our environment so much. You don’t only have to plant trees for Arbor Day you can also plant other plants like flowers, fruits and even grass! Although Arbor Day is meant for planting trees, you should help plant anything all year.
If you are interested in planting a tree, The National Wildlife Federation is providing subsidized native tree seedlings to whoever would like to plant one. It would help even more to tell other people about Arbor Day so that even more trees can be planted.
Happy Arbor Day!