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Mrs. Gings’ class has raised a praying mantis cocoon, and is preparing it for release into the school courtyard.
Ging’s class releasing insects into the courtyard.
Charles Brenckle, Sports Editor • April 22, 2021

Ms. Ging's class began to care for some praying mantis cocoons and some ladybugs. Mrs. Miller’s elementary class also raised some butterflies as well. Ging is planning to...

Original artwork by Caroline Bender
What Exactly is Arbor Day?
Caroline Bender, Writer • April 21, 2021

Not a lot of people know about Arbor Day, though it is very important to recognize. Arbor Day is for celebrating plants, planting and preserving trees. You may wonder how...

The first baseball game for the team starts March 31st.
Baseball and softball and how the seasons are going
Hannah Shaffer, Website Editor • March 25, 2021

Baseball is a very popular sport and very well known. When you play baseball it has many benefits. One of the big ones is that it gives you hand-eye coordination. It also...

Original Artwork
The Easter Story
Elizabeth Mooney, Writer • April 22, 2021

The rabbit family was getting ready for Easter. Mother rabbit was in the garden picking sprigs of lavender to decorate the burrow, while Brother rabbit gathered eggs  from...

This is one of many pranks that will leave people saying, ‘Why isn’t this working?!’.
April Fool’s Day: the forgotten holiday?
Audrey Mooney, Writer • April 22, 2021

What holidays are in April?  You are probably thinking Easter, but there is another one: April Fool’s Day!  April Fool’s Day occurs every year on April 1, but why do...

Xavier Garland, fifth grader, reads a book underneath a tree in the warm spring light.
Spring break coming up fast
Cooper Brien, Writer • March 24, 2021

If you are excited about spring break, you are in luck since it is coming up. When it starts you should take a break and spend time with your family. It...

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