Students Find New Hobbies During Quarantine


Bryson Deal

Pie chart shows the percentage of people who picked up new hobbies

Bryson Deal, Editor in Chief

Not being able to go on vacation over the summer has gotten kids saying “I’m bored”. To cope with some of this boredom some people have picked up different hobbies, like a new sport or finding their inner artist. The Bulldog Barker surveyed the middle school students about the new hobbies that they have started, and the survey shows that only 4% of people that took the survey didn’t find a new hobby. Many people picked up more than one hobby approximately 60%.

Olivia Mason, fifth grader, has a hobby of making mud pies. 

“I like making mud pies because I want to be a chemist when I grow up,” said Mason. “ I love to mix things!” Almost anything qualifies for being a hobby.

Anna Majors also has an interesting hobby. Majors spends some of her free time fusing glass. 

“I love to see my piece after being fired!” said Majors. “ I started fusing glass because my sister and mom were interested in it.” 

There are so many hobbies and extracurricular activities that teachers, students, and their families decide to try out. There are so many ways to still have fun while on lock down and virtual learning.