Penny drive helps Mr. Matthews


Samantha Young

Mrs.Hartman’s home room raised the most money during the penny drive, so they were congratulated with a $50 gift card.

Samantha Young, Writer

The Freedom Area School District recently finished a penny drive which was sponsored by the Freedom High School National Honor Society. Mr. David Matthews, former Freedom Middle School hall monitor, has recently been diagnosed with cancer. As a result of being diagnosed, Matthews has been on leave since the end of December, and we hope to surprise him by raising this money for him! The money we raised for the penny drive will go towards helping Matthews with his medical costs.

The penny drive raised in all $3,303.05. That means on average each class raised $206.44. Hopefully this will really help Matthews with his medical costs. During this penny drive, a dollar added 100 points, a penny added one point, a quarter subtracted 25 points, a dime subtracted ten points, and a nickel subtracted five points, but it all still helped Matthews.

In the middle school, the class that raised the most money was Mrs. Hartman’s homeroom in seventh grade. So, Hartman’s class got a $50 gift card that was donated by the National Honor Society and used it to purchase ice cream for a party in their homeroom. Thank you, everyone, for trying to help Matthews and raising money for a good cause!