MathCounts team places third in Beaver County


Submitted Photo. Used with permission.

Freedom Middle School MathCounts team competed at the Beaver County competition at Penn State Beaver on Sat., Feb. 2.

Connor Tavern, Writer

The students of Freedom Middle School’s MathCounts team have participated in the annual MathCounts chapter competition. The Chapter Competition is the competition which decides if the team goes to states or not. The students who participated on the MathCounts Team attended the competition on Saturday, Feb. 2. They went to Penn State Beaver  to face against 6 other schools.

At the chapter competition, Team A and Team B both competed in the first two rounds, then they were separated into teams during the Team Round. Team A worked hard, they got 4 out of 10 points, while Team B got 2 points. The team also had two kids qualify for the Countdown Round, eighth graders Alexis Mulroy and Luke Snavely. In all, Mulroy took 6th place, while Snavely took 5th place. The team’s average was high enough for them to get 3rd place in total.  

They also had a practice competition that prepared the team for the chapter competition. This competition will also decide you will be on the A team and the B team. The person on the team who got the most points at the practice competition will be the team leader for Team A. Team A consists of the top 4 scorers on the team, and Team B consists of scorers 5-8. Freedom’s top scores were, in order, Luke Snavely, David Denkovich, Dylan Scheel, a tie for 4th between Connor Tavern and Makenna Barrett, Alexis Mulroy, Brandi Bonzo, and Rachel Campbell.