Sixth grade spelling bee champion


Elizabeth Mooney

Spelling Bee finals competition wonder who is going to win.

Tayler Dalesandro, Writer

This year the sixth-grade students are doing a spelling bee. Each week students compete with their class to go to the county spelling bee. The finals were on Friday, April 14. The finalists are Tayler Dalesandro, Anna Shomburg, Brett Casto, Madison Knopp, Hannah Metzger, Cain Richard, Maxx Green, Aiden Komoss, Brooke Savery, Jamie Carr, Kylie Dambach, Bethanie Mckee, Rayleigh Bates, Breawna Bosh.

The counties are on Thursday, May 18 at Dutch Ridge Elementary School in the Beaver Area School District. Our representative for the school is Hannah Metzger. She won the spelling bee finals and is now going to the county competition.

“I am so excited to go to the spelling bee. I have worked really hard. I have spent 12 hours of study just so I can go. I really hope I do well at finals. I am really nervous about it too. I also get to go to McDonalds for lunch on the day that I go to the spelling bee. I am so grateful for this opportunity,” Hannah Metzger, student, said.

That is how the sixth-grade spelling bee competition to get into the county went. It is a really great opportunity and I hope you will look forward to it.