Farmageddon: middle school play promises mystery and fun



The middle school play cast is practicing scene five in the auditorium.

Emme Borrelli, Writer

Would you like to see a play about mystery? You might have seen the Beauty and the Beast play, but have you thought about coming to see the middle school play?  The middle school play is a tale about mystery and the circus.  The play is called Farmageddon and the Undercover Crop. 

“I think practices are going well. Students are learning their lines. The play is coming together, with only a couple of weeks left. I think we’re getting ready for the show in a couple of weeks. Mrs. Hryckowian and I sat down and we probably had about six plays we were looking at. This play just had a lot of characters, so that more students that tried out could be a part of it. There were also a lot more female roles because there aren’t as many boys that try out, and it was really funny. Generally, I like to have Fridays off, I know the students like Fridays off and not stay any later. As long as everybody’s working hard it works out.” Laura Miller, Play director, said.

“The play is March 31 at 6:00 PM. Tickets will go on sale to the public two weeks before the play. This is my second year helping with the play. I think we have more people doing the play this year compared to last year.” Mrs. Amanda Hryckowian, ELA Specialist,said.

“The practices are really fun to come to, and hang out with some of my friends. I really like the practice like a three out of  five  or six out of ten” Riley Tavern, one of the lead roles, said. Tavern plays the role of Farmer Carter, who someone stomped down his crop circle. 

“My favorite part of the play is the last scene where everybody dances. The play is difficult sometimes due to little arguments here and there. It is really coming along really well though.” Hannah Stinar, one of the smaller roles, said.