Ariel makes a difference to students

Ariel spends time in the middle school office as well as in Mrs. Herrmanns room during the day.


Ariel spends time in the middle school office as well as in Mrs. Herrmann’s room during the day.

Eli Bruce, Writer

Last summer, the middle school got Ariel, the new service dog. When she’s not at school, Ariel goes home with Mrs. Sara Miller, gifted coordinator, and Mrs. Cathy Baker, middle school secretary. 

“Yes, I think Ariel has made a change because we have students who look forward to seeing her every day. There are students that come to school so they can see her. I saw the difference that Rosie made at the high school and Dr. Smith and I wanted to have the same impact at the middle school,” Mrs. Miller said.  “She’s in all the houses. We also made her a shirt that has all the colors on it,” Mrs. Miller said. “Mrs. Herrmann is now taking care of her because she was getting too attached to the office so Mrs. Herrman is walking her around,” Mrs. Miller said.

“I love it, I love dogs so I was happy she gets to hang out with me,” Mrs. Michaela Herrmann, speech teacher, said. “When I’m with students, for example I have her on Monday from 8:00-11:30. She goes to the office for lunch then she comes to me from 12:00 to the end of the day,” For the school to have Ariel they need three adults to sign a contract saying that those three people have to take care and sometimes take Ariel home. But since Dr. Smith left a spot open on that contract. So a question I asked was whether would she sign it. “I would if I had to, I would have a dog at home that I think she would really like, but if I don’t have to then probably not.”