Middle school welcomes new math specialist


Hannah Houy

Mrs. Ellen Egley is the new math specialist.

Hannah Houy, Sports Editor

The Freedom Middle School welcomes the new math specialist, Mrs. Ellen Egley, to the building. She helps with math in all grade levels. 

Mrs. Egley previously taught at Propel Northside, on the northside of Pittsburgh, and Pine Richland School District. Mrs. Egley decided to come to Freedom Area Middle School because she lives outside of  Rochester and she has had experience with coaches, teachers and students here at Freedom. 

“Everybody here just seems so nice and welcoming,” Mrs. Egley said. Mrs. Egley wants to try and make a difference in students’ math education with the new position that was made. Mrs. Egley does help students with math education but she also helps out as a substitute. In her free time she loves to go hiking and be outside with her family.  Her family traveled to Maine this summer and climbed many different mountains, enjoying the outdoors. 

 Mrs. Egley is a very great addition to our staff, and is making a great impact toward  the students and teachers, helping everyone around the building.