Junior High performs with Big Red band


Wyatt Miller

The Freedom Marching Band on Friday, October 7, marching at homecoming, with seventh and eighth grade band members included.

Abigail Tedesco, Writer

Seventh and eighth-grade band students marched at the Homecoming game, Friday, Oct.  7, with the high school Big Red Marching Band. Some students think that the new opportunity was a big step up, and some thought it was unnecessary. Basically, the band teachers decided to try something new. This is a big deal to all seventh and eighth graders since they were performing at a big game. All of the band staff members were super excited about this change, although it was only for Homecoming game night. They wanted the seventh and eighth graders to experience the big step up into the marching band, and to play with older performers. This addition started last year because Ms. Emily Rickard, band director, thought it would be fun.

“I’m super excited about this, I think this is a significant experience for the seventh and eighth graders to play in the marching band. I also think it’s a big change from the stage to the field for them,” Rickard, explained.

“I thought it was really fun, but most of the seventh-graders in the band were scared,” Juliana Giovengo, a seventh-grade band member, stated.