Academic Games goes national

Students go to a state to compete nationally against other kids.


Submitted Photo

The Freedom National Academic games team poses for a photo in Knoxville, Tennesse.

Katelyn VanDeCar, Writer

Three students are going to Knoxville, Tennessee because they have qualified academically  to be able to compete with other students from other states,8 States do it

There are four games in the Freedom Academic Games. There are 8 games in Academic Games. Freedom only does five of them. 

At nationals no one except for the competitors and the judge can be in the room. Acadimic games here in freedom have a tradition of doing an escape room together. Olivia VanDeCar competed  1st for freedom. On your first day you wear a shirt to show what county you are from then you wear a shirt for what school you are from.Three students went for freedom this year 2  from the Middle School Nick Metzger and Olivia VanDeCar 1 from the High School Luke Snavely.In Nationals you have to compete in 2 events. The 8 events are equations, on-sets, WFF ‘N Proof, linguiSHTIK, propaganda ,presidents ,world events ,current events.