Grapes Saves Easter


Paige Krampy

Artwork by Paige Krampy

Olivia Mason, Writer

Once upon a time, there was a family who had a pet duck… that lived in their house? 

Yes, this is true, and his name was GRAPES. This story is COMPLETELY TRUE. (No, it isn’t. Wait… the duck part is.)

ANYWAY, this story takes place in the Masons’ house in Pennsylvania. Twas the night before Easter and the Easter Bunny was VERY stressed. 

“Sir! We have a shortage! COVID has been affecting our candy shipments!” The Easter Bunny’s helpers were in a rush, there was chaos EVERYWHERE. “OH NO! Whatever shall I do!” cried the Easter Bunny. 

“You’ll have to go on your mission without it I’m afraid,” one chick said. 

“Ok,” the Easter Bunny replied. 

So, the Easter Bunny flew off in his egg shaped carriage and found himself at the first house… the Masons’ house. 

“Good night Grapes,” Peter said. “Maybe you’ll see the Easter Bunny tonight!”

“Maybe,” Grapes thought. The children went to bed and the Easter Bunny arrived. He opened the door, making sure no alarms went off, and started setting up all of the baskets. The Masons’ dog wasn’t aware there was a rabbit inside the house, so she was sound asleep. The Easter Bunny felt really bad. There would not be enough candy for the children in the world to enjoy. 

“QUACK,” Grapes said. He heard a thump on the roof. “Was that the Easter Bunny?” he thought. He thought so. He jumped out of his cage and went into the living room…

“Hello?” Grapes saw a shadow in the shape of a very tall rabbit! Grapes walked in. 

“Oh my goodness,” the Easter Bunny said. There is a human awake! He ran to hide but there was nowhere to hide! 

“Hello,” Grapes asked. He was excited. 

“H..hello little friend,” the Easter Bunny replied nervously. 

“Hi,” Grapes replied. “You look sad!” 

“I am sad,” the Easter Bunny said. 

“Why,” Grapes asked.

 “BECAUSE COVID-19 affected all of our candy shipments and now there will not be enough candy for all the children across the world to enjoy,” he replied. 


“Can I help you?” Grapes asked. 

“There is nothing you can do I’m afraid.”  So, the Easter Bunny opened the door, flew on top of the roof and sat next to his carriage. “There is nothing else I can do,” he said. Then, he got into his carriage and flew off. 

Then, the Easter Bunny heard a rustle in his sack of candy. 

“Surprise!” Grapes was hiding in his candy sack! 

“What are you doing here?” the Easter Bunny asked. 

“I’m here to help,” he replied. 

“What are you going to do?” the Easter Bunny asked.

 “I did a fundraiser on Instagram to collect candy so we can save Easter,” Grapes replied. “Let’s go save Easter!” 

“Ok,” the Easter Bunny replied, and they flew off into the horizon and saved Easter.