April Fool’s Day: the forgotten holiday?


Audrey Mooney

This is one of many pranks that will leave people saying, ‘Why isn’t this working?!’.

Audrey Mooney, News Editor

What holidays are in April?  You are probably thinking Easter, but there is another one: April Fool’s Day!  April Fool’s Day occurs every year on April 1, but why do we celebrate this “forgotten holiday?”

Historians think April Fool’s Day dated back to 1582.  France was switching from the Julain Calendar to the  Gregorian Calendar.  Some people got the news late and still celebrated the new year on April 1, when really, it was supposed to be celebrated on January 1 because of the calendar switch.

April Fool’s Day is about playing pranks and tricking people, so here are some:

Toothpaste Oreos,  replace the cream with white toothpaste.

Put tape on someone’s computer mouse.

Make a fake call.  Ring one of your family members then hangs up. 

“I’m not into prank stuff.  We don’t really celebrate it, but sometimes we do stuff with family.  I like it [April Fool’s Day] because it’s a fun day.” says Hannah Welsh, 6 grade. 

This year is dedicated to pranks and fun, enjoy the day while it lasts!