Baseball and softball and how the seasons are going


Hannah Shaffer

The first baseball game for the team starts March 31st.

Hannah Shaffer, Managing Editor

Baseball is a very popular sport and very well known. When you play baseball it has many benefits. One of the big ones is that it gives you hand-eye coordination. It also helps with your muscles and teamwork. 

The Freedom baseball team this year has a total of 14 players, they have four eighth-graders and the rest are in seventh grade. The coaches that help coach baseball are Chad Hein, Don Fessler, and John Patterson. The team practices Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. They practice on the baseball or football field, 3-5:30 p.m.

“I play baseball because I grew up playing,” said Garrett Drutarosky, a seventh-grader.

There are three pitchers for the team, and they are Xavier Robins, Boden Hillard, and Garrett Drutarosky. There are no championships or playoffs for middle school. That is just for high school.

“I play for passion,” says Xavier Robins, seventh-grader.

There is no Freedom softball team this year, and that is only because only six girls signed up for it. Softball is not as well known as baseball, so not many people sign up for it. 

“It really stinks that there isn’t a team this year,” said Haden Baucan, an eighth-grader.