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The history of Saint Patrick’s Day


Cameron Stumpf

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Cameron Stumpf, Writer

Saint Patrick’s Day is something we celebrate every year during March, but do you know why? We celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day because of Saint Patrick’s death in the fifth century. Saint Patrick, who lived in the fifth century, is the saint of Ireland. He was born in Roman Britain and kidnapped.  After he was kidnapped he was brought to Ireland and became a slave when he was sixteen. He escaped but went back to Ireland and it is said he brought Christianity to its people. He explained the Holy Trinity with a threeleaf clover. That is why the three leaf clover is a symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day.

Now you’re probably wondering how the leprechaun is a symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day. This is actually a surprisingly simple answer but leprechauns are associated with Ireland and people decided it would make the holiday more fun. So leprechauns are now a part of Saint Patrick’s Day. 

You might know that parades usually take place on Saint Patrick’s Day. The first Saint Patrick’s Day parade took place in America on March 17, 1601. We have continued the tradition and still put on Saint Patrick’s Day parades. A great deal of enthusiasm was established when Saint Patrick’s Day was declared a public holiday in Ireland. It is still celebrated every year on March 17 and is very important to many people.