Poem Contest

Olivia VanDeCar, Website Editor

Mrs. Strati´s first and third period class has been participating in poem contests. They so far have entered two contests. That is Peculiar Pets and the Appely Publishing Contest for Young Writers. 

 They have not received all results yet, but Mrs. Strati, a sixth grade ELA teacher, has a positive attitude and she thinks that some people will get theirs published!  

Many of the students’ poems included imagery, figurative language, and were overall great pieces of writing.”,” Strati said.

Sixth grader Ryliegh Rentz´s poem was accepted and will be published in a book. Rentz entered the Appely Publishing Contest and submitted a poem named “Earth’s Wonders” ( Pictured ).  Rentz surprised herself when she wrote such a wonderful poem. She is not the biggest fan of poetry and it was hard for her. 

“ I myself am not a fan of poetry, I have never really liked it,” Rentz said.

Another contestant was sixth grader Julianne Hein. She entered the Appely contest and the Peculiar Pets contest. She enjoyed writing poems and definitely would do it again based on this experience! 

They were very fun! I would totally like to write more poems! It is especially fun making up weird characters and putting them into the poem! My overall experience was enjoyable,” Hein said.

Ashlynn Wagner, sixth grader, participated in the Peculiar Pets contest. She submitted a poem called “ Sleepover Fun”.  Wagner also enjoyed writing poems and she had a good overall experience. 

“Yes, I did enjoy writing a poem,.” Wagner said. “My experience overall was good.”