The volleyball season has begun!


Audrey Mooney

The volleyball team getting ready for their game on March 23.

This year’s volleyball season has begun and we have already had 12 games. Six games have been away games and the rest have been here at Freedom. All of the team’s games start at 3:30 p.m., and sometimes they have to leave early to get to away games. They also only have games on Tuesday and Thursday. So don’t be afraid to go and cheer on the team when they play. 

The players in the seventh-grade team include Aubree Ashbaugh, Morgan Blank, Gianna Bozza, Jade Carpenter, Dannika Chiodo, Bella Daniele, Alexandra Dicicco, Juliana Giovengo, Jaylyn Gaiton, Emily Lawrence, Charlie Rywolt, Linea Probst, Gracy Specht, Grayce Stewart, and  Lillian Stragand. 

The eighth-grade team includes Julia Bartosh, Caitlyn Costanza, Alexa Delucey, Charlize Frye, Chloe Gochez, Stella Haney, Kamryn Haskey, Alexis Hatt, Kaylee Jones, Makaela Jordan, Kaitlyn Mueller, Carly Powell, Abby Probst, Sydney Taylor, Rylie Vojtko, Peyton Ward, Tessa Wright, as well as Sienna Zurynski. 

These girls are hard at work to make sure they can beat other teams. And on the note of beating other teams, the scores look very interesting. As of March 24, they have won one game and played in ten. However, by March 31st, they will have played 12 games.