Volleyball season starts with high hopes

The middle school seventh and eighth-grade volleyball season has officially started. They had their first practice on Feb. 13 and their first official game on Feb. 23 against Western Beaver. The games will extend all the way through March and into the beginning of April. 

The team has about 40 girls between the 7th and 8th grade teams. So far the team has only won one game against Western Beaver’s eighth-grade team. It went on for three quarters with Freedom losing the first quarter but ended with us winning the last two-quarters of the game. 

“Our hopes for this season are for the girls to learn and improve on their skills so that the eighth graders are ready to move up to the high school and so that the seventh graders are ready to take the next step next year,” Coach George Bellinger said when asked what his hopes and goals for the season were. 

“I hope that the new players will learn good passing,” said coach Melanie Smith. Some players said that the thing that they needed to improve on most was communication and calling the ball more.