Have you botany plants lately? If you have, you might be wondering when the best time to place them would be!


Snowdrops begin blooming around the first week of March.

Elizabeth Mooney, Copy Editor

With March arriving and spring just around the corner, it’s time to decide what to plant in your garden, whether you desire fruit trees, vegetables, or flowers. As some people are unsure of what the best plants are to plant in March, here are a few options and times for you to spruce up your garden this year! This task might be cumbersome, but in the end your garden will be ready! 

  According to the website for Evergreen of Johnson City, the best vegetables to plant include spinach, chili and sweet peppers, celery, and cauliflower. They state, however, that you should seed the plants indoors or inside a greenhouse.  Parsnips are also quite popular, along with leeks. 

“I don’t plant many vegetables, but if you’re starting them to seed, you probably want to start them, my guess is at the end of March, or the beginning of April, just to get them going. You want to harden them off, slowly,” stated Ms. Sara Heiman, library teacher for the fifth through eighth graders. She also said that she normally plants her flowers outside, but she occasionally will plant them inside. She loves to watch her garden grow from nothing to “something beautiful, that you can share with other people.” 

“All my life, my grandfather always had a garden, and even as a little kid, he had me digging in the dirt. That’s what got me into gardening, even though I didn’t really have a green thumb,” stated Ms. Jeanine Ging, sixth grade science and math teacher,  “In Pennsylvania the weather can be a bit iffy; say that after the last frost, if you plant vegetables and then it snows, it will kill them. I tend to cover my plants if there will be a frost. The best thing about growing plants is the satisfaction of getting your final results. When you grow vegetables, you can finally enjoy them in a salad. If they’re flowers, you can watch the bees and butterflies playing on them all summer long.” 

 Flowers that can start to bloom as early as the first few days of March include Winter Aconites, Snowdrops and Daffodils. You can also look forward to Alliums, among other flowers. Overall, March is the best time to prepare what you are to plant in your garden, but more flowers tend to start blooming in April. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy gardening any other time of the year!