Reduce the Heat

Most of you probably know what global warming or climate change is.  You may know this winter has been very warm even though it’s the winter season.

 Global warming is very serious because it can lead to severe consequences such as hot temperatures, more severe storms, drought, warming oceans, loss of animals,  more health issues, and poverty.  As you can see this situation isn’t a good one. This can also lead to many deaths.

 The temperature is expected to go up another 5.9 degrees F at least by the year 2050. Pennsylvania currently has about 5 dangerous hot days every year, but by mid-century, it is most likely going to go up to 15 days per year. Which is a lot more than the past century, in the past century Pennsylvania has only gone up around half a degree. 

If Antarctica melts because of this situation sea levels will go up 70 meters or 230 feet! If global warming continues a lot of ice will melt,  and there will be an increase in heat waves throughout the globe.  

There will also be air pollution which also winds up affecting the health and animals and multiple ecosystems and habitats. 

Some ways you can help global warming and climate change if possible are to switch to something that does not run on gas such as a bike or an electric car, if this isn’t possible try to limit using gas or even use public transportation so that you don’t use as much gas. If you don’t feel comfortable using public transport, try to fit everyone in as few cars as possible so that you don’t have to use as many cars. 

Another way to help is to reduce, reuse, repair, and recycle. This is very helpful to the environment and to you if you reuse things you might not have to buy something new, and if something can be repaired, why buy a new one? 

All of those topics are very important, another thing you can do to help is to throw away less food. You can start composting so you are also helping your environment. When food rots in any landfills it produces gas and this gas is called methane which can cause reduced oxygen. 

One last way to help is to be careful when choosing your travel. Airplanes have impacted the earth badly in many different ways such as, they burn a lot of fuel that can harm different things. So if you can, try to limit plane use.