Girls Basketball Starting


Kendall Climo

Jaylyn Gaiton shoots a layup as teammate Gracy Specht waits for the rebound in practice before the game on Nov. 17.

The Freedom Middle School’s girls basketball season has officially begun. The girls are fired up for the new season and the team is excited to welcome new players.
“I think the season is going to be okay, hopefully, better than last year because we have more practices,” Juilianne Hein said. 

The teams have had 8 games so far and have won 1 game as a combined team.  The seventh grade has been doing well and has won a few more games than the eighth-grade team. The eighth graders are not doing so well and have only won 1 amount of game so far. The season is it ever yet so hopefully, things will start to look better for the eighth graders.

“I feel like we will get better as we go through the season,” says Alexa DeLucey. 

On November 17, the seventh-grade girls went against Fort Cherry and lost 11 to 22. They were up the whole first half but in the second half, it all went downhill. Eighth-grader Carly Powell was also playing along with the seventh grader that game and since Julianne Hein and Charlize Frye were injured the seventh-grade played along with the eighth-grade team. According to some of the players on the eighth-grade team, the season might not be going the way that they want and they might not have won a preferred amount of games but it is still fun.