Academic Games officially started

Will a bigger group impact the team?


Hannah Metzger

Students from the Academic Games team, sitting in Mrs. Glovers classroom, after school, for practice.

The 2022-2023 Academic Games competition season officially began on Oct. 4. Last year’s Academic Games group was fairly small. There were about 10 people on the team, and four went to Nationals. This year the team has a lot more people. For an estimate, about double the amount we had that last year, but maybe a bigger group will impact the team in a positive way.

 Academic games teacher Mrs.. Glover said, “I think it’s great we have more kids, I prefer a bigger classroom then a smaller one.”

My opinion on the issue is I love a bigger classroom with lots of people. But I do miss the old group. At the same time, I am super stoked and excited for a bigger group.

“The good things I think of a bigger group are there are more people to qualify and better to show school spirit, but the bigger classroom could get super crowded, it could be harder for other students to focus when there is a bigger group,” Anna Schomburg,  student in the  Academic Games team, said. 

“I usually learn better from a small group, mostly because Mrs. Glover focuses on teaching the little ones more than the bigger kids, I’m pretty good at the math games but all of the 5th graders don’t know how to do most of the operations, so she focuses more on them then teaching the bigger kids other new math operations for middle division,” said Nick Metzger, student in the Academic Games team.

According to the website,,  some kids say it’s way too noisy with a bigger classroom. Maybe it could be way too noisy and harder for kids to do their work. Maybe they want a low noise in the background. If a bigger group there is obviously more noise than a smaller group.