Keep yourself safe on Halloween

On Halloween night, kids go out to get candy each year and have fun with friends. But what about safety? If kids are by themselves on Halloween, they could be in danger. Some kids are not careful and can get in trouble. Adults and parents can worry about safety on Halloween, but what can they do? We think of October and Halloween as spooky fun times, but this holiday has a more serious side. 

You may be thinking, “What is the worst that can happen to kids on Halloween?” Although trick-or-treating is all about going out and getting candy from strangers, it can be unsafe. Some people may try to harm kids by poisoning their candy. One might think that poisoned candy is just some silly thing that parents make up so they can eat your candy, but it can happen. If you get a piece of candy that is lacking a wrapper it may have been tampered with. Avoid candy that looks off or tastes funny. This may seem like a no-brainer, but little kids are so excited to eat all the candy they get they might not even take a moment to inspect it properly. If you have little siblings then you might want to tell them to be careful and cautious.  

Our next topic is a little more serious. If kids are trick-or-treating by themselves or with friends then they are more likely to be in danger. Kidnappers are at their peak on Halloween with lots of opportunities. And although it is sad, this is what kids have to be careful of nowadays. The chances of anything happening to you on Halloween are low, but it is still best to watch your back and know how to take care of yourself if anything does happen to you, a friend, a sibling, or a relative. 

“Call 911 right away if something happens to a friend or anyone you know,” Officer Rick Jones, school resource officer, stated. People can be far more dangerous than you think and you should always be careful when walking around and trick-or-treating. Whether you are around people you are unsure of, or if you are just walking on the road, there are ways you can keep yourself and others safe as well. Officer Jones mentioned some ways to help you walk on the roads or sidewalks.  

 “Walk in oncoming traffic, and look around at all times,” Jones recommended. This guarantees that you see any cars so you do not get injured. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, if you are in the car with your parents, tell them to turn on their headlights early in the day to spot kids from farther away. This is a great recommendation from Safe Kids Worldwide. On their website, there are a ton of fantastic tips to keep yourself safe and things for parents to know. 

You can do many things to keep yourself and others safe. Just make sure that you watch out for all these things to have a wonderful Halloween. Use this information to stay safe this Halloween. Happy Halloween!