New School Year, New Teachers

As the new school year starts we welcome new faculty to the building. Mrs. Ashley Spencer is the new sixth grade teacher. She teaches science and math in Mrs. Boyd’s old room. Mrs. Spencer has been teaching for 14 years. Her favorite thing about teaching is watching the students realize what amazing things they can do when they put in the work. Mrs. Spencer also loves getting to know each student so she can connect  with their learning. Her favorite thing outside of school is to go hiking with her kids, play with her pets, and think of new flavors and baked goods for her family’s coffee shop. 


Mr. Jason Knox is also new to the building. He is an instructional aide in sixth grade. Mr. Knox has been an aide for many years and he loves to help the students with math and ELA.  His favorite thing to do outside of school is play with his three kids and watch football. He helps out his students and fellow teachers.

Both Mrs. Spencer and Mr. Knox is making a great impact towards the students and teachers. They both help a lot around the building and are very appreciated.