Schools go virtual because COVID variants infecting many


Olivia VanDeCar

At our school, if students are medically excused they can join a virtual Google Meet for their classes.

Chelsea Parks, Writer

Schools across Pennsylvania have been going in and out of virtual learning. Going virtual has been seen as a better and smarter technique instead of possibly putting teachers, staff and students in harm’s way from COVID-19. A lot of colleges and schools in Pennsylvania are going virtual due to students being sick or outbreaks in the building. Through December 2021 and January 2022 new variants have been growing. These schools are closing for the safety of everyone who works or learns there.

On Jan. 20, 2020, the first ever COVID-19 case was reported in the U.S. Now in 2022, over 334 million cases have been reported and around ten variants. There has been a huge uptake in COVID-19 cases ever since the winter months of 2020.  These alarming statistics have been shocking to many schools and this is causing them to go virtual. Virtual learning is seen as a great way to continue having school in a safe way. When you have virtual learning it is absolutely impossible to get a sickness or virus from anyone which is really great when COVID-19 is spreading really fast throughout schools. 

Penn State University’s website states that Penn State to start spring semester in person, as planned, Omicron variant detected at University Park campus, Penn State strongly recommends COVID-19 boosters to employees and students, and indoor masking requirement set to remain in effect into the spring 2022 semester

“Penn State didn’t go virtual, they are one of the few universities to not go virtual.

My son is part of  the Board of Trustees, and makes a lot of decisions at the school,” Mr. Culler, 7th grade geography teacher and father of a Penn State student, said. 

Penn State, like he said, is one of the few universities that have stayed in-person, but they are doing it in a very safe way. Overall we can see that whether people are getting their education in-person or online schools are doing everything they can to keep their students and staff safe and together.