Masks are uncomfortable, hot, and sweaty

COVID-19 is very serious, and it is good to keep you and your family (and others!) safe, but there are some downsides to having to wear a mask. For instance, they are uncomfortable and they can make it hard for you to breathe. For all you asthmatic kids out there, gym class must be torture, with how hard it is to breathe. And for kids that don’t have asthma, it’s still just as bad. 

Masks can also partially block your vision, so when you are in class it can be hard to see the board or even the paper you’re writing on. You also can’t see anyone’s face, or if you made them laugh, mad, or sad. It’s quite hard to talk in masks, as they just keep slipping down. Sometimes the wires poke your face, and get in your eyes.  On a summer day, when it’s hot and humid, your mask can be extra uncomfortable. The masks can cause you to squint, and they aren’t exactly a fashion trend. 

  “Masks make my nose itch, and it’s really annoying. I don’t think they help stop the spread because it’s basically like breathing through  the mask. If I could, I would not wear a mask because it’s annoying. It makes my glasses fog up, and it rubs against my nose,” Jeremi Kanneg, seventh grader, said. 

Masks  aren’t exactly the most comfortable things to wear,  and hopefully we won’t have to wear them anymore.