NCAA college basketball March Madness begins


Bryson Deal

Nicholas Metzger fills out a bracket for his projected winners of March Madness.

Bryson Deal, Editor in Chief

When most people think of March Madness many people that don’t watch College Basketball might think that the Final Four teams are ready to battle for the title. However, this is not the case. 

At the beginning of March, there are 64 teams. The brackets are published on Selection Sunday, March 13, and the first games will be on March 17 or 18. As of now the projected team to win it all are Gonzaga, Baylor, Arizona, and Kansas. Each of these teams is the number one seed in each of their respective conferences. To be number one seeded means that each team is number one in their conference. This is an advantage because the number one seed gets to go up against the number eight seed which in theory would be the easiest matchup. 

March Madness brackets are set up by division so there are four different brackets narrowing down to one team until there are a final four. Then, each team will face off against the best team from a different division until there are the final two teams fighting for the championship. All games are television broadcasted, so make sure to tune into some March Madness Basketball!