Abuse of hallway passes and bathroom privileges causes concerns


Cameron Stumpf

Nick Fessler using hall pass correctly in the 5th/6th grade hall.

Cameron Stumpf and Caroline Bender

It has become a problem. Bathroom passes are being misused. Students have been taking the bathroom passes without signing out, then staying in the bathroom for an extended amount of time. What will we do to stop this from becoming a larger problem, and how will we do it?

“I found out that if I reward my students for using the restroom less, they wouldn’t go as often because they want to save up for other treats,” Mrs. Boyd, fifth grade ELA teacher, said. 

“It is hard to tell when people use them too much. Whereas when we used hall passes on the computer it was much easier to find the students who were doing it,” Ms. Finch, seventh and eighth grade ELA teacher, said. 

Signing out to use the hall passes on the computers had its pros and cons but overall that system seemed to be easier to use. Especially whenever teachers need to investigate to find students who are using their bathroom time as social time. 

“I think to help this problem we need more consequences for students skipping class and wandering the halls,” Mrs. Buzza, eighth grade science teacher, stated. Right now the consequences for misusing the hall pass vary depending on how it was misused.

 Of course, not all students or teachers have this same problem. However many do. There are a couple of good ways to fix this problem. We can go back to using computer sign-outs, provide more consequences, or have rewards.