Freedom Middle School Student Government runs a penny drive to benefit St. Judes Children’s Hospital



The student government meets in the cafeteria on Sept. 15 to discuss the upcoming penny drive.

Bryson Deal, Editor in Chief

It has become a tradition that every year during the fall, the student government puts on a penny drive. On the third Wednesday of every month the student government meets and talks about upcoming events in the school. One meeting, the group voted on the charity that they would like to donate the profits from, and they decided on Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Saint Jude’s is a non-profit research hospital. Care at the hospital is free so in order for the hospital to stay working, they need donations. St. Jude’s cares mostly for kids but St. Jude’s has care for adults as well. 

The student government stayed after school on Monday, Oct. 25 to label all of the containers for collecting the money donated. The containers will be kept in each homeroom so that kids can bring in money from home and put it in their homeroom teacher’s container. However, not all money in the container is worth positive points! Pennies and bills are worth positive points, whereas all silver change is worth negative points. The winning homeroom that raises the most money will win a sweet reward! Make sure to bring in some money for your homeroom’s container to support St. Judes!