Spring break coming up fast


Cooper Brien

Xavier Garland, fifth grader, reads a book underneath a tree in the warm spring light.

Cooper Brien, Copy Editor

If you are excited about spring break, you are in luck since it is coming up. When it starts you should take a break and spend time with your family. It will start on Monday, March 29 and ends on Monday, April 5. Freedom Middle School, take a break and just sleep in and do what you want. 

Is there something in particular you like doing on spring break? Well I know some people do.

“I like finishing projects that I didn’t have time to finish.” Mr. Gregg, art teacher, said. 

“I look forward to playing Roblox,” Kelsey Simons, fifth grader said, and Logan Trisco, sixth grader said that he looks forward to playing Fortnite. I took a survey to see what everyone’s favorite thing to do was and the greatest thing was spending time with family and friends with 69.9 %. 

“I look forward to spending time with friends,” Sienna Zurynski, sixth grader said.

 Some of the other things that were chosen were sleeping, camping, and watching television. Freedom Middle School students chose different things and a few were going swimming, soccer, and dirt bike riding. The greatest response was going on a walk at 72.6 % on the final question which is, what are you most likely to do outdoors. Some of the other ones that were chosen were playing softball, hiking in the woods, and jumping on their trampolines.  

“I look forward to doing work I didn’t finish, relaxing, and talking to friends,” Joshua Schoedel, fifth grader, said.

Some of you might wonder if there is a reason why we do spring break. Actually, there is a reason why we have spring break. One of the reasons is so that way we can get a break from the computer and be with our families. It is definitely important to get off of the computers once in a while.

If you are wondering if Easter is during spring break, to answer that question, yes it does actually. Spring break begins on March 29 and ends on April 5 and Easter is the day before it ends on April 4.