DeNome starts teaching at Freedom as history teacher


Bryson Deal

Mr. Dante DeNome started as the new eighth grade history teacher on Monday, February 22.

Audrey Mooney and Elizabeth Mooney

Mr. Dante DeNome started teaching at Freedom in February.  He was approved by the school board on Feb. 10.  He is teaching eighth-grade social studies.  DeNome is replacing Mr. Kappas.  He thinks that the school year has gone great so far and that the faculty and students have been very helpful and respectful.  He has been teaching for over a decade at different schools, mainly teaching history, English, and reading.    

“Teaching has been in my family for a very long time, both my parents are educators, and I am the kind of person who loves to communicate and to socialize with other people,” DeNome stated.  He knew he was going to be a teacher when he got into the eleventh grade.  He attended Penn State University (PSU) and finished with a degree in Secondary Education for social studies, and minors in geography and history.  He also got a Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 

“I enjoy a lot of sports activities,” DeNome said.  He enjoys lifting weights and many other sports.  His favorite outdoor activity is just being outside or watching the birds and squirrels at his bird feeder.  He enjoys napping and watching Netflix with his friends and family while he’s hanging out inside his house. His favorite sports team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

“You would be surprised that I’m not actually 6 foot, but only 5’ 4”.”  He has a dog and a turtle as well (the turtle’s name is Turtle). His favorite holiday depends on what season it is:  Easter in the spring, Christmas in the winter, Thanksgiving in the autumn, and when it’s July, he’s all in for the Fourth of July.   

A few of his hobbies include reading informational books like National Geographic,  and he “is huge for Marvel.” He also cooks for fun, and he watches a variety of sports, including lifting and football, along with hockey and many others.  His favorite Halloween costume that he remembers wearing from previous years is the Quail Man from an old Nickelodeon animated TV-show called “Doug.”     

“I consider myself a full-time forever student,” stated DeNome.    


Welcome,  Mr. DeNome!