The leprechaun trap


Caroline Bender

Original drawing by

Caroline Bender, Writer

Every year, kids all over the world make a trap to catch the leprechaun. The leprechaun knows this and is always sly and has never been caught.

One day that all changed, on March 16, 1984, the night before Saint Patrick’s Day. One little girl changed it all. The little girl’s name was Olivia Johnston.

She had set up a trap, hidden in the wall.

She was a very smart girl and had always wanted to be an inventor. She made a trap so amazing the leprechaun never thought of it as being a hazard. She had just printed a very realistic coin from her brand new 3D printer and added some details. She placed the coin onto a small sensor, Whenever the coin was lifted off of the sensor a small net would come out of the small crack in the wall, catch the leprechaun and squeeze him back into the wall. When Olivia was finally done with the project, she went to bed. 

That night the leprechaun came into Johnston’s house and began looking for coins. He found one, got closer, and examined the coin, he thought it was real.

 He picked it up and was so joyful to be holding a “real” gold coin. The next thing he knew he was in darkness. Trapped. Inside the wall for no idea how long. He sat in silence, for hours. He threw the coin at the wall and it broke. He picked up the broken coin and knew this was how to finally get out. The useless coin was sharp and not useless anymore. He used it as a knife to cut the net. It was nearly dawn by now. He wiggled out of the wall and flew out of Olivia’s house the fastest he had ever flown before. Finally, he was free.