Can basketball bounce back after being hit by COVID-19?


Christopher Denkovich

Garrett Drutarosky weaves through New Brighton defenders to shoot a layup for the Bulldogs on Jan. 21.

Bryson Deal, Editor in Chief

As the winter months start coming around, it’s time for basketball season! Or not! COVID-19 has really affected both the girls and boys basketball seasons. The girls season started before the boys and they only managed to play four games. There was a lot of hard work and dedication that went into only playing four games. 

“We thought of every practice as our last and we thought of every game as our last,”  Matthew Klenk, seventh grade basketball coach, said. The girls really had to come together as a team and make the best of each moment. 

The boys basketball season has been shut down twice due to the coronavirus and both players and coaches are wondering if they can make it through to the end of the season. Just like the girls, the boys have been put on a shortened schedule and as of now have only played three games. 

“One thing we are doing right is that we are competitive, we want nothing more than to win,” Klenk stated. So far both the seventh and eighth grade teams are winless. 

Jonathan Hein, Adam Rhoades, and Cooper Young sprint down the court as Jake Hilberry goes up for a layup at the game against New Brighton on Jan. 21. (Bryson Deal)