The Turkey’s Fight to Dream

A Thanksgiving Short Story

Caroline Bender, Writer

There once was a turkey who dreamed of having an owner.

The turkey’s name was Dobby.

Everyday he sat in the grass under a tree hoping for somebody to come take him away from his old, dirty home.

Some days he even would go out looking for somebody, somebody to take him.

One day he got his wish but not how he expected to get it.

So one day Dobby was out eating, and his family was getting set up for Thanksgiving, though of course they did not eat turkey.

His family was setting up making food and getting ready.

While Dobby was out eating he saw a hat walking up the hill.

He was confused at first to see just a hat, but as he got closer he saw a face, then arms, next legs.

He was jumping in joy when he saw one, a human, a human to take him home! He ran closer and saw something in the human’s hand, though he thought it was food so he ran even closer. Dobby soon found out that was not food nor something for him, but something against him, you know where this is going.

Dobby also knew where this was heading.

He turned around and ran and oh, how he ran! All his family heard was 

*thump* “GOBBLE” *thump* “GOBBLE”

They did not listen, leaving Dobby to defend himself.

Everything for Dobby went blank then he found himself up in a tree, he had no idea how he got up there but it was safe so he stayed.

He was up there all night until the man came back the next morning. The man was not holding anything but Dobby was still scared. The man found Dobby and got him down. Dobby was not as scared anymore so he climbed into the man’s truck and away he went to his forever home now.