Fun things to do in autumn


Elizabeth Mooney

Picture of the woods in autumn

Elizabeth Mooney, Copy Editor

There are so many fun things to do in autumn! Instead of playing video games or whatever else, you should step outside and enjoy the fresh air. For one thing, you could go on a hike and enjoy the colored leaves and the crisp smell in the air, or you could go on a hayride. You could go jump in a pile of leaves. You could go to Yeck’s Farm and go in their corn maze. But a really fun thing to do (which you can do any time, I might add) is to press leaves. 

You can press leaves by picking a leaf, any kind, but make sure that the leaf isn’t crumbling or too brown (unless brown is the color of the leaf), and stick it into a sheet of wax paper. Get a heavy book or object and put the wax sheet in or under the object you chose, and wait for a day. Then you can add the leaf to a scrapbook and press more! You can also press flowers and stems, not just leaves.

“My favorite season is fall, and my favorite activity to do in the fall is to jump in leaf piles because I like to hide in them. I also enjoy carving pumpkins,” said Olivia VanDeCar, sixth grader.

“My favorite thing to do in the fall is soccer,” says Troy Reynolds, sixth grader.

       “My favorite thing to do in the fall is banding Saw-whet owls, and I like to do this because it’s a unique experience where I get to do citizen science and I can handle cool animals,” says Ms. Ging, sixth grade science teacher.

Though you can’t go to some places due to COVID-19, you can still go hiking at Brush Creek Park, or Brady’s Run, but you can always stay at home and do activities, too.