VSCO: overload or awesome?

Bryson Deal

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May 26, 2022

Have you heard of a VSCO Girl? Chances are you probably have. VSCOs are taking over! You can’t walk down the hallways anymore without someone dropping a hydro flask or saying “sksksksksks”. You love them, hate them, or are somewhere in the middle. 

VSCO started on the popular app TikTok and then went viral. A VSCO is someone who enjoys conserving the Earth by using metal water bottles and straws. They are also known for wearing scrunchies, a type of hair tie. VSCO is a very large trend that has been going on for quite a while. 

“The hate can be too much and it gets annoying,” stated Ariella Hayden. “ I consider myself a VSCO because I have 50 scrunchies,17 metal straws, a variety of hydro flasks, and many oversize shirts,” exclaimed Hayden. 

On the other hand, some people hate VSCO. “ I think it’s ridiculous because if you try to help the ocean or believe in climate change everyone thinks that you are a VSCO. They need to stop categorizing!” exclaimed Helena Buli. Some people also are somewhere in the middle. They neither hate it or enjoy it. 

“I am not a VSCO! Sometimes they are enthusiastic to the point where it’s annoying, but sometimes it’s alright. I am more of a sportsperson and not as girly.” said Brianne Casto.

There are many different opinions about VSCO at our school. So what is your opinion?