Hurricane Dorian causes mass destruction in the east coast and Bahamas

Tyler Misencik

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Customs and Border Protection photo by Kris Groagn under Creative Commons license

: Customs and Border Protection agents deliver food and water to severely damaged Fox Town on the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas, in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian on Sept. 6 2019.

The Bahamas is a beautiful place for families on vacation to soak up some sun, but after Hurricane Dorian pummeled it to the ground the beautiful islands will never be the same.

 On Aug. 24, Dorian was announced as a low pressure system, but just two days later it converted into a tropical storm. On Aug. 28, Dorian was no longer a tropical storm but now a Category 1 hurricane! People along the east coast of the United States had to be prepared for whatever they could because there was no way to know what was coming and what they had in store for them.

 On Aug. 30, Dorian grew to a Category 3 hurricane with maximum wind speeds of 115 mph,  but just six hours later the hurricane was no longer a Category 3 but was now a Category 4 and was heading right for the Bahamas. On Sept. 1, Dorian struck into some of the Abaco Islands with raging wind speeds of 185 mph as a Category 5 hurricane. 

Many people’s homes were lost and many lives were taken. According to Buzzfeed.News over 300 people’s lives were lost but as more of the islands are explored the death toll will significantly rise.

When Hurricane Dorian was finished causing large massacre to to the Bahamas it then started to convert towards Florida and scraped the other states above such as Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and some of  Virginia as well. This hurricane is one that many people will never forget. Hurricane Dorian has fizzled away and will go down in history as the most powerful tropical cyclone on record to hit the Bahamas and is regarded as the worst natural disaster storm to hit the Bahamas.