PewDiePie, T-series battle for most YouTube subscribers

Connor Tavern, Writer

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and change is inevitable, but is this the case in the PewDiePie vs. T-Series battle, the battle between the two most subscribed YouTubers? Many YouTube viewers will already know that most subscribed YouTuber, PewDiePie, is in grave danger of being passed up by T-series, an Indian YouTube channel. T-Series is coming up in subscribers, and they are about to dethrone PewDiePie. It was predicted that T-Series would dethrone PewDiePie in October of 2018. As of now, we can clearly see that this didn’t happen, and many PewDiePie fans are only adding to his lead.  

The old adage might be proven true, since, at one point, T-Series did take the title of most subscribed YouTube channel away from PewDiePie. On Feb. 22, T-Series took over. This was devastating to all the people who got PewDiePie this far. T-Series was ahead by 10,000 subscribers, and many had thought T-Series had won, but by some string of luck, PewDiePie retook the title. This all happened for about 8 minutes. The next day PewDiePie was up about 100,000 subscribers.

While this may just seem insignificant, or even stupid, it will decide the fate of YouTube. India is now just getting internet mainstream, so YouTube is now being discovered there. This means that is T-Series passes up PewDiePie, YouTube will be more popular in India. It would boost YouTube’s profit a lot and would help out the platform.

With that said, it would basically sell the platform out for companies, since T-series is actually a record company. If they beat out PewDiePie, other big corporations might be inspired to make their own YouTube channel and then YouTube will become a corporate bouncy house. It would be only about one thing, money. That would ruin what YouTube was made for, the idea that the common man would be able to make random videos for strangers to watch. If this idea is thrown out the window, YouTube will become another TV Channel, and it would lose all of its originality. If PewDiePie remains the channel with the most subscriptions, YouTube might stay the way it is, a platform for individuals to make videos for fun or even a living.

In order to “save” PewDiePie, people are going to enormous lengths, some for memes, but some are taking it quite seriously. Take another YouTuber named Mr. Beast, another channel with roughly 15.5 million subscribers. He’s gone to such great lengths as buying every billboard in his town to promote PewDiePie, saying PewDiePie 100,000 times, and even buying 5 lower level end zone seats at the Super Bowl to promote him.

It’s remarkable what Mr. Beast has done and how much money he has spent on this, but he isn’t the only one. Other YouTubers, famous or not so famous, also give PewDiePie a free promotion. One of the most popular things to do is to play one of his insulting songs, also known as a “diss track”, towards T-Series in public. From playing it on Walmart’s loudest speakers, to going out and playing it on the piano, there are so many creative ways to do help PewDiePie.