Park ranger, sergeant speaks to U.S. History classes

David Hackleroad demonstrates a helmet used in the Iraq war.

Carter Altvatter, Art & Features Editor

In early November, eighth graders in Mr. Kappas’ U.S. History class listened to speaker Mr. David Harkleroad,  a National Park Ranger at Pea Ridge National Battlefield Park in Arkansas and a Sergeant in the Pennsylvania National Guard. He talked about the military and what it was like in places where war took place. Harkleroad is an Iraq and Afghanistan War Veteran.  He also earned a masters in History degree from Duquesne University  while serving in the US Army.

It is very interesting to see and hear about the different things that happen during war and it’s not all fighting. A lot of times the military is helping the civilians. The Iraq war started in 2003 with the intent to overthrow the government of Saddam Hussein and free the people from Saddam who would torture and kill people who didn’t believe in his ideas for the country. Harcleroad talked about the effects this had on the country. Most people were scared and poor but our military would do its best to help these people and would hand out things like shoes and clothes. There were also many attacks on the people of Iraq from the people who supported Saddam. They believed that other people who didn’t believe in him deserved to die. Our military is doing its best to help change Iraq’s hostile environment to one that is safe for all of its citizens.