You can’t escape the ho-ho holidays

Connor Tavern, Writer

You are shopping and when you enter the store you see Christmas decorations everywhere. As soon as you enter through the doors you are hit with the sensation of the holidays. Lights hung all over the store, a giant inflatable Santa, and Christmas music is blasting in the background. You walk around the store and you’re shocked at how many Christmas decorations are out in the middle of November!

Isn’t it strange that retailers go full force with holiday decor that early in the year? Shoppers can not go anywhere after Oct. 31 without seeing some form of holiday decorations. Christmas lights, giant inflatables, stockings, you name it, it’s in stock months before the Christmas season begins. Some retailers started putting up Christmas decorations in late September, right after back to school shopping was finished. This is honestly getting out of hand if they are setting up that early in the year.

While this may seem outrageous, there is a good explanation. The holiday season is vital to a business’s year-end profit. According to the National Retail Federation, the holiday season makes up 20% of the sales for the whole year. It can even be up to 40% for smaller businesses. This means the longer that a company can ride out this wave, the more money that they take in. Plus if the consumers are going to buy it, why not put it out? It’s not going to deter anyone from buying from that store.

“Early October may seem early for some but we have many members who love getting the jump on the Christmas season and coming in-store to see the latest product trends and this year’s new holiday collectibles,’’ says Sears spokesman Brian Hanover in an interview with USA Today.

While stores making money is a good thing for the economy, is it worth it? Would it kill them to postpone putting up holiday decorations until late October or early November? It wouldn’t hurt business that much. Stores should wait until the Halloween season is over before they start marketing for the Christmas season. Why not give other holidays some love?