Junior High Football ends second season

Logan Bickerstaff, Social Media Editor

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Two years ago, Freedom Middle School started a Junior High Football Team. The team switched from Midgets to junior high in 2016. There is no age, but the team is determined by grade. Seventh and eighth grade are the only grades allowed to play on the junior high team. On this team, the athletes learn about everything the high school football team learns about and does,  like learning their plays and even how to snap the ball properly.

In junior high football, there are no playoffs, but only regular season games. The team does not play the teams the high school plays.  The team as of right now is 0, 7, and 1. It has not been the best season but the team has a new head coach, Mike Sarver.

“I do not care about our record. I care about heart and that we act as a team,” Sarver said after a game against Ambridge. The team has 23 players and 4 coaches.