Cross Country Season Wrap-Up


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Freedom Middle School Cross Country team at Grove City's Run Through the Pines Invitational

Chase Grable, Writer

Cross Country is running in different terrain, such as woods and open fields, opposed to regular a track around a football field. Middle school cross country coach and eighth grade science teacher, Mr. Richard Heisler, described Cross Country as “distance running in a natural terrain.” Heisler also stated what he likes about Cross Country is it is a very relaxed and friendly sport. If anybody you know such as friends or you personally are thinking about joining Cross Country, Heisler said, “Come out and see if you like it!’’

“The season for Cross Country is actually going very good, but we just need more runners,’’ said Heisler. The season has been good but they only have four runners. They are trying to get more runners to make a complete middle school team. The runners who are currently in middle school are running Cross Country with the high school team. The entire Freedom Cross Country team attended the WPIAL championship at the California University of Pennsylvania on Thurs., Oct. 25, 2018. The four athletes who were on the team this year were Leannah Messenger, Jimmie Couch, Jordan Delon, and Madee Black. They all have been having an exceptional year and they are just going to get better.

Heisler actually said he never played sports in his childhood. Heisler currently runs as an adult, so he thought considering he knew a lot about running as an adult, he thought it would be a great idea to coach Cross Country. He also coaches Track and Field for Freedom Area Middle School.