Freedom Area Middle School’s Boys Soccer season wrap up

Christopher Denkovich, Features Editor

This intense boys’ soccer season has sadly ended. This is how their season went. Their final record was 6-3-4, or six wins, three losses, and four ties.

“I loved the game where we were losing  4-2 against Central Valley, then came back to tie 4-4.” said Mr. John Mohrbacher, the team’s coach, about his favorite part of the team’s season.

“I love the challenge of working with students, then getting to watch them develop as players.” Mohrbacher stated is his favorite part of coaching. Troy Pawlowski, an eighth grade defensive player who has been playing since the age four, says that the best part about the sport is being on a team and interacting with other people. In conclusion, the middle school team has shown a lot of effort and passion this season and are thrilled for the next one.