Principal Problems

After two interim principals Middle School searches for new principal


Chloe Lundy

After being vacated by Dr. Ryan Smith, the principal’s office sits empty in the absence of a permanent principal.

Chloe Lundy, Editor-in-Chief

In the past year, the Freedom Area Middle School has undergone major changes in its administrative team. It has clearly affected the staff, but is it also involving students? 

Dr. Ryan Smith, previously here as a principal for seven years, has taken a job at Franklin Regional School District as Director of Instruction and Student Support. Instead of finding a permanent principal, they decided to find a substitute principal to finish the school year. The substitute was a retired superintendent from the Riverside school district, Dr. Dave Anee. He used to be the substitute superintendent for freedom between Dr. Jeffrey Fuller and Ms. Diane Workman our current superintendent. 

He subbed in from Tuesday, Feb. 21, until Wednesday, Apr. 5. When the students arrived back after spring break, we were met with a new principal for the rest of the school year. 

Mr. William Deal is the Freedom Area School District’s Director of Teaching and Learning. He is also the PIMS Director. He recently took the opportunity to become the interim middle school principal when we returned from spring break. 

“The school board is having a meet and greet with the candidates, coming out of that we should be able to make a final decision as to who the successful candidate will be,” said Mr. William Deal.

 The last two candidates are expected to meet with the school board on Tuesday, April 25 to be interviewed for the position. Then, on Thursday, May 4 the school board will meet again to vote on the matter and finalize their decision.