Baseball Season in Full Swing


Ms. Heiman

Nick Fessler slides into home plate in Wednesday’s game at Beaver Falls.

The Freedom baseball season is going great so far. The players are very excited about the season. Their first game was a success; taking home a win of 14-2 against Blackhawk. Their second game was disappointing for the players since they lost 1-11 but they brought hope back with a win of 15-3 at their game on Saturday, April 15. The game against NorthGate was canceled on April 19 and the teams do not know if they will reschedule.

In the first game, Nick Fessler, seventh grader, went 1 for 3 with a double which means that out of the three hits he hit one double. Even though they lost the second game, it wasn’t all bad for some of the players. 

“I was our only run, I hit a ground ball and just stole all the bases,” Nick Fessler said. “It’s all about how much energy we have, we just need to make the routine plays.” 

The team was stealing bases perfectly and their runs were good but it all comes down to the routine plays in the end.

The players have many goals this season. Some have the goal of staying starters, others’ goal is to have the highest batting average. Another common goal is to steal the most bases. All the players have different personal goals,but they all want to win. The season has had their ups and downs so far, but the team is determined to do the best that they can throughout the season.