Jumping into the track season


Submitted photo

Olivia VanDeCar running at Moon in the 4×100 meter relay.

The Freedom Middle School track team has officially started already having a few meets. The team consists of 25 people. The team has had 4 meets and has won 1 overall meet so far. Mrs. Ashley  Spencer, the assistant coach to Mr. Jim Culler is in her first year of coaching track. Mrs. Spencer has been running track for 27 years. Her favorite part about coaching track is seeing the kids get excited for track and personal growth. Seeing the kids realize that they can push themselves harder than they can think they can. She loves hearing all the teammates cheer each other on. 

“The team has grown in confidence and teamwork. They support each other and try their hardest each week. We have some kids in several different school activities so many times there are kids missing so different kids have stepped up to fill in for the missing positions,” Mrs. Spencer said. The Freedom track team had their second track meet on April 5, at Moon against Moon and Beaver. 

Mrs. Spencer hopes to end the year by having each student grow personally and become a stronger athlete in the track skill they choose. She says “Track is more about finding if you want to focus on running or jumping, distance, or a combination so you can be ready to focus on the skill you want in high school.” The track team still has 1 more meet, until the season is over.