PMEA District Band was a great opportunity for students


Miss Emily Rickard.

The eighth graders who participated in the PMEA District Band Concert. Reading from left to right: Makalea Jordan, Stella Haney, Elizabeth Mooney, and Audrey Mooney.

On March 28, the PMEA District band concert was held at Hopewell High School. Preparation for it takes the entirety of the day, as students meet up from different schools and practice the music together before performing the piece on stage. The students are broken up into seventh and eighth grade combined, and ninth grade. During breaks, and lunch and dinner (which is supplied for students), students are free to mingle with different grades and students from other schools. From our school, the students participating in eighth grade are Stella Haney, Makalea Jordan, Audrey Mooney, and Elizabeth Mooney. In ninth grade, the students are Calla Reynolds and Cory Heckman. 

“I have only been doing it for two years, but PMEA has been doing this festival for a very long time. This festival has happened for many years, and I know Freedom has been participating for a very long time. I am very excited; it is a great opportunity for some of our musicians to play more challenging music with a bigger group. It is a good learning experience,” Miss Emily Rickard, band director for grades 5-12, stated.  

Students apply by submitting a form stating that they wish to participate in the PMEA District band. Students are not guaranteed a spot; the school can only take a limited number of people. Instruments and school size are just some of the factors that decide which students will be accepted. Last year, Freedom was only able to bring three students. 

“The songs were easier mainly because we practiced non-stop the entire day. I would be interested in participating again. Most of it was a good experience,” Stella Haney, eighth-grade participant in PMEA District Band, stated.

The concert was a good experience for many students, and many will be encouraged to do it again next year.