Play day- Students play to make the number 24


Mrs. McCanna

Students before Math 24 competition

On Thursday, March 9, four students from grades four-eight competed at Penn State Beaver to be the best at playing the game Math 24. 

The students include Lincoln Hoover, Lucas Schomburg, Coltin Schoedel, Addison Stumpf, Emme Borrelli, Austin Mehaffie, Juliet Pivik, Bryce Wagner, Chase Andrews, Jordyn Moehrle, Katelyn VanDeCar, Maleea Wilson, Willis Bonzo, Nick Fessler, Ethan Wynn, Audrey Mooney, Elizabeth Mooney, Chole Lundy, and Anthony Raitano. Audrey Mooney won first place in the eighth-grade division and Willis Bonzo got third place in the seventh-grade division.

Some of the high school students went to earn community service hours. They were the following: Christopher Denkovich, Luke Snavely, Calla Reynolds, Colton Blank, Logan Larrick, Emma Falk, Alexa Davis, Logan Bickerstaff, and Jason Mengel.

“I really enjoyed it. I would totally do it next year. My favorite part was the experience,” Maleea Wilson, a sixth grader, stated.

“I didn’t like it because the people were fast. I would go again.” Chase Andrews, a sixth grader, said.

“It was fun and I enjoyed going to the competition with my friends and even though I didn’t win, I still had fun!”  Jordyn Moehrle, a sixth grader, stated.