Computer Applications: Benefit or Burden?

The Freedom Area Middle School was exposed to some changes in classes last year with a new course being added called Computer Applications. This class was very helpful before, but as time went on, is it still benefiting the students and even staff? With the original teacher of this class leaving recently, the school has faced some issues when trying to keep the class together. Lately, the course has had two substitutes who are Mr. John Mohrbacher and Mrs. Judy Edder, but with the amount of time they have been in the class they are kind of starting to feel like long-term subs. They have been there for a while and we still do not have a designated teacher for that subject.

Many kids think that the class is a waste of time and that it is unfair that we still have it as a graded class. After Mrs. Kara Trettel, the previous computer applications teacher left, the district was not able to hire a replacement to fill her shoes and since then it has been hard for the staff, as well as the students. Most of the students believe that now that the class is more lenient they do not have to do the work. 

“No [computer apps is not a beneficial class because], it’s not a true class because there is no teacher. Also, since Mrs. Trettel has left there is no structure in the class and we do the same thing every single day,” an eighth-grade student said. 

Also, since the class is laid back, many students agree that it is a waste of time and instead they could use that time to achieve other things that they need to complete for core classes. Most people agree with this quote because they feel that since Mrs. Trettel left it has been hard for both the subs and students to keep on track with the amount of work they’re supposed to be doing. A lot of the class is just used as a filler class and has little to no structure. 

“I think it would be a beneficial class if we had a real teacher, but you are actually going to use it because computers are becoming a big thing in the future,” an eighth-grade student said. As an eighth grader, it is difficult having this class every other day for the entire year since it is very unstructured now, but some students do believe that the class is teaching us important topics, but they are not being taught correctly.