Middle schoolers get the chance to perform in FHS’s musical for the first time in many years


Mrs. Miller

Middle schoolers bowing at the end of their first show at the faculty dress rehearsal on Thursday, March 2 at FHS.

Mila Bair, Photography Editor

This year, middle schoolers in the chorus got the chance to participate in the musical “Beauty and the Beast” at Freedom Area High School. This was a great opportunity for them, and many can’t wait for their next chance to be a part of the musical and hope to join Freedom High School Drama Club in the future. 

The musical took place in the Freedom Area High School’s auditorium and occurred on March 3, 2023, March 4, 2023, and March 5, 2023. Over 20 middle school students participated in the musical. With this exciting opportunity came a lot of commitment. Middle school students were responsible for attending all practices leading up to the musical. On the week before the musical, students had to stay for practice from 6 PM to 10 PM for 4 nights in a row, and for 2 out of 3 of the musicals, but many people loved going to each practice, no matter how long it was.

“Being in the musical this year was a lot of fun, and I loved being a part of it,” Eli Bruce, 5th grader, said. Eli got a chance to be Chip in the musical, and he was the only middle schooler in the musical with a speaking part. “I’m planning on joining Freedom Drama Club in high school, and I hope many others will too. It’s a great opportunity,” Bruce stated. “If the high school is planning on having middle school in their play next year, I’m definitely joining again.”

“Having middle school students in the musical was definitely a great addition because we had way more amazing voices in the ensemble,” Mrs. Jennifer Newman, music and chorus teacher, said. If the musical the high school chooses would allow the middle school to perform as well, then they will have them participate again in the future, according to Mrs. Newman. “The best thing about middle schoolers being in the musical is the fact that we can project more sound, choreography, and energy from both them and the high school.” 

“I was pepper during ‘Be Our Guest’ and I was a cup during ‘Human Again,’” Kaylee Anderson, 5th grader said. “I would definitely join Freedom High School Drama Club in high school,” Anderson stated. “In my opinion, getting closer with my friends and having so many memories from being in the play were some of the best things about it.”On opening night, the musical was completely booked, with Saturday and Sunday almost completely sold out. 

“I enjoyed watching the musical,” Jesse Dietrich, 5th grader, said. “I would like to see the middle schoolers in the future musicals because they get to learn how to do it so they will be great in high school.” 

So many people enjoyed watching, learning, and being a part of this musical. Everyone seemed to have so much fun, and many also hope to see the middle school students a part of the musical once more in the future.